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Chief Brandon Barnhill

  Your Officer Travis Counts obtained an indictment and had a man arrested without conducting an investigation. James Samples the man he had arrested was NEVER ASKED A SINGLE QUESTION! James was with his parents at the time of the alleged crime. James' Dad (Johnny Samples) a retired Probation Parole Officer from Paducah says he has never seen such corruption. Neither Johnny nor James' mother was ever questioned either.

Travis Counts never obtained the personal recording from James (him and parents talking during the time of the alleged crime), the DVR footage from the US Bank where the alleged crime took place or the DVR footage from the Hendron Lone Oak School where James and his parents were during the time frame of the alleged crime.

James faced 8 years in jail because Officer Travis Counts attacked him. James has exposed other corruption in Western KY in the past thus making him a target by the corrupt.

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Mayor Gayle Kayler

  People have to plead guilty to crimes that they are not guilty of just so they can flee the country. What kind of corrupt Hillbilly Havoc kind of town are you now responsible for?

Is it safe to live in or even visit Paducah? Will you please take action and have Officer Travis Counts investigated by Federal Authorities for the safety of The People of Paducah?

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